Sidonie Hadoux

Explorations (2022)

Digital prints of analogue photographies later overlayed manually with watercolour inks.

“Explorations” is a series of landscapes from the post-industrialized North of France region where I was born and live. Through this work, I question capitalism and patriarchy as a system that leads to exploit lands and bodies. The persons I photograph explore lands that used to be severely damaged by industrial activities, pollution, climate change or war. These explorations are not reconquests, but rather retamings, readaptations, reconciliations between the lands and the persons.

Through capitalism and patriarchy, men are mainly responsible of the destruction of the nature. For this reason, I chose to photograph only women to question their role and place -as other dominate minorities- in this system. I try to think about the concept of female gaze to create my images. The persons are not posing. They are busy doing things, reconnecting with the elements around. Bodies are in action, moving, fearless.

“Explorations” reflects on the idea of 'time' as a subjective and nuanced experience.

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